Top Reasons to use a Professional Email Address

Top Reasons to use a Professional Email Address


Who doesnt have or use and email now days? It is nearly impossible to function day to day life without have a email address for signing up or simply contacting others. Below we will cover the top reasons to use a professsional email address.

Email Professionalism

In Business it is critical to install confordence in your customers and clients. To build this confidence you will need to have a professional image and branding that they can learn to trust. Having a professional email that matches your business domain or name is essential to show that you are indeed professional and not skimping out with free email addresses. We have a list of reasons that it is important to have a paid email address over a free one.


Clear Messaging

With using a (yourname@yourbusiness) email is showing your customers and clients that you are proud of your business, and show a clear message diretly to the business name. They mgiht remember your name and business better without having another free email addresses domain taged behind. will direct the customer to think about googles Gmail service rather then the service you are offering or suppling from a professional email address.


Inboxed Email vs Spam

When you send an from your professional email address spam filters are less likely to filter your important email away from the inbox.  Spammers use mulitple free email addresses to target people. A spammer is alot less likely to pay for a professional email and have it shut down ever week as their costings would outweight any returns. A proper email for your business can land you more sales from email marketing alone being sent to the inbox rather then the spam.


Free Vs Paid Email Hosting

As a business owner you might be trying to save costs with using a free email but this could indeed be costing you more in missed opportunities and damaging the brand you are working hard to build. For a few dollers per month, Pure Network Solution email hosting or a Microsoft Office 365 subcription you will be able to add hundreds to thousands of professional value into your business.


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