New Zealand Internet Providers


New Zealand Internet  Providers

There are 140 current options for your New Zealand internet providers although, two providers have over three quarters of the market. This post covers the three largest internet providers in New Zealand with a total combination of 85%. 


Spark (formally Telecom)

Spark is the largest internet provider offering Residential, Business, Enterprise and Mobile service. they offer Netflix, Spotify, Lightbox, Spark sport, and Apple Music with some of their packages. Spark is an industry leader with offering additional services with plans meaning you can use these features when you get home from work. 



Vodafone comes in at second with 28% of the 2018 market offering the same services as park but has its own additional offers with its plans. Vodafone is a global brand with international mobile offers. Vodafone offers a dedicated business or enterprise person to look after your account giving your top quality customer service. 



CallPlus is a subsidiary company of the Vocus Group who are an international telecommunications company with a headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. CallPlus are industry leaders with offering the first VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service in New Zealand which is now the method used for all Fibre-Optic Landline services on the Chorus Network. 


Who is best for my business?

This will depend on the type of service you desire. Spark offer many additional offers that can be used for your family and personal life saving you money on subscriptions. 

Vodafone offer top level business support from signup to connection and faults. Internet providers have a bad reputation for customer service and long wait times which is eliminated on the Vodafone business accounts. 

CallPlus have some of the best rates in the country offering the latest modems from around the world. 

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David Swanson

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